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Current Exhibit

Recent Works By Mark Phillips

NYCH Gallery Presents:

City Sojourn

Opening- December 13th, 2013 


Artist Talk & Closing Reception-

January 5th 2-4pm


Artist Statment


After art school I went to see a friend in Philly back in '92, I had lived in small towns and only occasionally visited larger cities when I was a kid but Philly was my first big city as an adult: The first one I explored. It had a profound effect on me wandering the city in the wee hours photographing and sketching scenes and people. Bus windows at night fully lit reminded me of small TV screens each encapsulating a small vignette of life in the big city. Surrounded by other people they seemed isolated and in their own world; Individuals standing against the giant. The thought of that isolation in a city of millions has never left me. When I work on my cityscape imagery I'm of course interested in the architectural forms and shapes as I do enjoy the interplay of geometry and light but it is secondary, the people within the scenes are my real focus. The mood of a person rushing to cross the street in a blur of motion or the solitary figure walking in the distance obscured by heat rising from the asphalt. I'm not interested in a particular location, or building, or even a street's history. I try to capture those moments of an individual maneuvering through the hustle and bustle of an urban giant: a frozen moment of individuals living in a city of millions.


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