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Opening: May 18th, 2024 | 6-10 PM


Exhibition Statement:


“Sacred Matriarchs” is an immersive exhibition inspired by the universal desire for empowerment. As a spiritual being navigating a human experience, my vessel stems from the Andean Diaspora. In this lifetime, I was born into a resilient sisterhood and dedicate this collection to our mother. I explore the divine feminine in connection to detribalized descendants. Through majestic portraits, we are transported to a realm of indigenous futurism. 


Despite systemic alienation, genetic remembrance is powerful. Each piece honors an innate ancestral tradition through vibrant colors and meticulous detail. The weaving of cultural themes together is a profound reminder of unity. Protagonists adorned in gold symbolize a contemporary evolution that challenges the historic erasure of inheritance. They embody the strength of generations past and create a narrative of reclaimed voices.


Artist Biography:

Yesenia Ayala (b., Colombian) a visual artist rooted in Indigenous heritage from the Andean Diaspora. Raised on the Colombia-Ecuador border, Ayala's family, including her talented wood-carving father and four sisters, found solace and sustenance in art amidst adversity.

From the age of 5, Ayala's artistic journey began, leading her to a transformative opportunity at a performing arts high school at 15. This path continued with a scholarship to study painting, animation, and graphic design at San Francisco's California College of Art.

Despite facing challenges, including juggling multiple jobs to support herself, Ayala persisted, graduating with a BFA and gaining valuable experience in motion graphics and film editing through an internship. However, feeling disconnected from her true calling, she took a leap of faith, moving to New York to rediscover her passion for painting.


In the Bronx, Ayala found renewed purpose as an artist, fueled by the support of her community and inspired by influential figures. Now a full-time artist, Ayala aims to empower others through her unique portfolio and entrepreneurial spirit, inviting others to join her on this inspiring journey.

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