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Opening: February 11, 2023 6-10 PM


Afrofuturism is a genre of art and cultural expression that blends elements of science fiction, fantasy, and Afrocentrism to imagine new and innovative futures for people of African descent. The focus of this art is on exploring the potential of technology and its impact on society, while also highlighting the unique experiences, cultures, lived experiences, and histories of Black people.

The goal of this exhibit is to highlight the inclusiveness, representation, and diversity that is present within the African diaspora. The colors, motifs, and essence of these pieces speak to what the world of possibilities for Black people are, and how our very livelihood is the essence of what many try to replicate, but fail to do so because it is not authentic. It also opens the doors to better understanding our place not only as the original artists of the world, but as the innovators and trailblazers we are as a community. Therefore, ask yourself as you view the exhibit: What do these images say about where we are now, how far we have come, and how much farther we have to go?


As we look for new and innovative ways to express our hopes and dreams for the future, we ask that you take this exhibit in and absorb what reimagined realities these images offer to us as a people...a reality that is equitable, inclusive, and celebrates the resilience, creativity, and strength of Black people.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating not only Black History Month, but Black history as a whole today, tomorrow, and forever.

-Fatima Hendricks, Exhibit Curator


Click on the artists' names below to learn more about their work, accomplishments, and

contributions to this exhibit. 


Artists Include:

Afrokilla | Chicago, IL

Angie Redmond | Chicago, IL

B.Len | Chicago, IL

Chris Rentas | Chicago, IL


David Anthony Geary | Chicago, IL


Daniel Wilson | Chicago, IL

EDO | Chicago, IL

Maurice  Scarlett | Baltimore, MD

S3an Alexander | St. Louis, MO

Tiffany Baker | Chicago, IL |New York City, NY

Trotter Alexander | Chicago, IL

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