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Exhibiting May 14 - July 3


Daniel Wilson "PIGEON HOLES"



What is our identity? Do we get to decide it ourselves? Who wants to shape our identity and what pressures cause our identity to change?



Some people have to fight for their identity to be recognized. Some people’s identity is shaped by fighting; by war. For others, it is a lack of connection. A lot of people don’t know their identity, their history; where they’re from. Some don’t care. Others feel security in creating identities for other people by putting everyone in clearly labelled, easy to process pigeon holes.



Corporations and religions sell us an identity of who they say we should (or shouldn't) be but how much of our human story has been destroyed by these very institutions?


Politicians and celebrities put forward a fake identity, one they believe will garner the attention they require.



These paintings are about identity, pressure and belief. It is about belief in institutions that are trying to shape our reality by concealing their true identity. And it is about the strength of individuals to believe in themselves. Having the strength to endure and overcome influence and troubles and adversity. With all these parties vying for our faith in them, ignoring our trauma, it is difficult to know who and what to believe in. But if trauma shapes our past, belief in ourselves enables us to shape our own future.


“There is no authority but yourself.