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Welcome to NYCH Gallery, where contemporary art meets comfort and relatability. We are not your typical art gallery - we strive to provide an innovative and interesting blend of creative mediums that inspire and speak to a diverse audience.


Our gallery showcases a wide range of artistic expressions, including paintings, sculptures, photography, fashion, and interior designs. We believe in promoting understandable simplicity, allowing art enthusiasts of all backgrounds to find comfort and connection within our exhibits.


With a focus on relatability, our curated collection represents various mediums such as painting, drawing, etching, screen prints, photography, mixed media, sculpture, murals, installation, film/video, performance, fashion, textiles, furniture, collage, portraits, dance, and jewelry. This eclectic mix ensures that there is something for everyone, regardless of their artistic preferences.


We understand that art can be complex, but at NYCH Gallery, we strive to bridge the gap between complexity and accessibility. We believe that art should be relatable and serve as a source of inspiration for all. Our aim is to create a space where visitors can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of creativity, finding inspiration and comfort in the process.


At NYCH Gallery, we embrace a creative lifestyle. We celebrate the artists who push boundaries and explore new possibilities. Our gallery is not just a space to view art; it is a platform for artists to share their unique perspectives and engage in a dialogue with our audience.


Whether you're an art aficionado or a curious explorer, we invite you to step into the world of NYCH Gallery. Discover the beauty of contemporary art in its various forms, and let it ignite your creativity and enrich your life. Join us on this journey of artistic expression, where comfort, relatability, and inspiration converge.

      - Creative Lifestyle

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Phillip Scott Sinclair, a Rochester native, embraced the vibrant energy of the early eighties, a time that witnessed the birth of Hip-Hop. Immersed in the world of break dancing, B-boys, and pushing boundaries, Phillip, known artistically as P. Scott, was shaped by this transformative era.


His entrepreneurial journey began with the opening of a barbershop in downtown Rochester. As his talent and distinctive style caught the attention of a local business consultant, Phillip expanded his ventures, establishing multiple successful shops. Eventually, fate led him to Chicago, where he decided to put down roots permanently.


Driven by an unyielding spirit, Phillip's passion propelled him to create NYCH Gallery, a dynamic space that showcases the work of talented artists and celebrates the world of fashion. Through a series of events, he has built a haven for creative expression and cultural exploration.

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