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"I paint Black people who are imagined, alive, and those who have died as a present-day, singular focal point in my portraiture. Loss and connection are familiar themes in my art, and I am deeply intrigued by the personal events of someone's life. I often show my figures with a regal intensity in their gaze as if they're sitting across from the onlooker holding an unspoken conversation. My art bridges a relationship between the viewer and the subject to create a shared space of intimacy and trust. My desire is to express emotionally powerful artwork in which people witness a complex reflection of themselves.”


"Wind and Water"

15'' x 24''

Oil on Wood Panel


"Inspired by how we are connected to the dynamic undulations of nature until our foreseeable futures, this work models a snapshot of that balance. Smoke clouds rising behind the figure suggest some distant or past fire. In the foreground, we see the figure in the stylized water, marking a new emergence."


Tiger Lady


14'' x 20''

Acrylic on Wood Panel


"Astuteness, knowingness, and power converge to reveal our third-eye tiger strength."

Screen Shot 2023-02-05 at 3.46_edited.jpg


17'' x 20'' (Framed)

Graphite on Wood


"Emerging out of the foliage, Oshosi is the Orisa of contemplation, loving the arts and beautiful things. Here philodendrons caress the coils of Oshosi's head. anointing him."

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