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S3an Alexander was born in St. Louis MO, he is a self-taught artist and designer. He always had an affinity for drawing throughout his younger years but never took it seriously. After graduating high school in 2011 he picked up a paintbrush in hopes to find another form of expression to make a transition from music. Which is what he always thought he would do growing up but this newfound love for visual art that changed everything for the better. 

"I describe myself as an artist, period. no subcategories or genres just an artist. My focus changes often from acrylic paint to graphic design to fashion design to even art/creative direction at times, it shifts as my brain does. but I will say there is a pretty consistent mood throughout my work. From black women, to flowers, and balloons. etc they all articulate different versions of celebration & growth. This is where my message lives. Growing up I always noticed championship trophies and such were always reserved for sports. The artist and creative people of the world didn't seem to get the same scale of acknowledgment. So in my work in some ways, that's where I shift my focus. I want to celebrate the things that inspire me most rather it be temporary or long-term. Each canvas is a moment of celebration."

Screen Shot 2023-02-05 at 8.28.57 PM.png

“Shine In Color” 

Acrylic on Canvas

36'' x 36''


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