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Faith Ann Gilbert

Faith Ann Gilbert was born to a young, hardworking, blue collar couple in Battle Creek Michigan in the 1970's.  At an early age she was drawing and dancing.  She seemed to be the only artist in a family full of athletes.  As Faith grew she became more and more involved in her art; she had always said, "I will either be an artist, or a dancer, or both".  After high school Faith pursued her passion for dance, but auditions were rather nerve racking, so she decided to pursue her painting and drawing instead. 


After strong encouragement from her teachers Faith applied to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  In 2000 she moved to Chicago to attend SAIC and fulfilled an Artist Residency at The Three Arts Club of Chicago.  Faith received numerous awards for her work in college and she was a part of the Advanced Painting Program.  After graduation in 2003, Faith married a fellow artist and together they have a working studio loft located in Printers Row, South Loop of Chicago.  The studio loft is a fully functioning art space, which is fantastic for generating the large scale paintings for which she is known.   Faith has shown throughout the years and continues to develop a dynamic and exciting body of work; four on going series along side many side projects.    

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