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Blake Lenoir BFA born July 6th, 1991, raised and currently practicing based out of Chicago. As an interdisciplinary visual artist working predominantly with oil based paints and pastels, but having his home skill in graphite and charcoal, and as a poet himself, Lenoir’s work navigates and finds inspiration in the expressionist, dada, cubist, baroque/modern art and surrealist movements. 


Lenoir’s original work comes heavily based in distortional entendres that he identifies act as an inception of ideas and/or conversations necessary to bring about relief of the given conflict. Lenoir’s work is intended to both be therapeutically comical, yet cynical to the human experiences of interaction aiming to evoke conversational healing, while primarily navigating and focusing with creating work with intention to spark the conversational dispelling of generational and societal curses. 

Lenoir graduated and received his Bachelor’s of the Fine Arts from the Western Illinois University where he minored in Sociology studying and specializing in intersections of Minorities in the Media and Generational Reoccurrence.

"Purgatorial Puppetry"

40'' x 52''

Mixed Media on Canvas


"Reason #279 to Show Teeth" 

Oil on Linen

40'' x 44''


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