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Current Exhibition

Tiny Jumping Spiders Can See the Moon

October 13 - November 5, 2017

Featuring New Work by Elyse Martin, Susan Emmerson, and Michele Thrane

Uncharted Territories
Susan Emmerson
Susan Emmerson
Susan Emmerson
Elyse Martin
Michele Thrane
Susan Emmerson
Susan Emmerson
Primeval Galaxies#3
Susan Emmerson
Be Here for You
Michele Thrane
Untitled #1
Uncharted Territories #1
Untitled #2
Detail of Untitled #2
Drop Key Flip Switch
Interference patterns
Gamma Ray Burst
2.More Signatures

The exhibit features the quirky and innovative work of artists Susan Emmerson, Elyse Martin, and Michele Thrane, all of whom use traditional and non-traditional materials in unusual ways.


Emmerson uses Tyvek, a synthetic material most often used in home construction, as a drawing base. She slices and reconfigures the material into three-dimensional objects that recall microorganisms and human anatomy.


Martin combines acrylic paints and other mediums to create large, lushly colored abstract canvases.  The vivid and layered colors swirl with movement and drama.


Thrane works in encaustic, the ancient painting medium made from beeswax.  Her encaustic monotypes reflect our developing scientific image of black holes, dark energy, and cosmic strings.

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