Exhibiting Aug 15th-  Sept 6th 



 Artist Statement


With the world crumbling and re-forming day by day, its easy for one to get seduced by the idea of an alternate universe.

This body of work grapples with a utopian culture in the near future where todays societal standards and structures have been dismantled and re-evaluated, creating a new set of freedoms for people to thrive on.




Harlan Hue, 25, is a New York based painter originally from Chicago, IL. Artist and Godfather, Tim Anderson, introduced Hue to oil paint at the age of 6 by suggesting he paint a portrait of Miles Davis. Over the years, this period of mentorship would inform Hue’s art practice immensely, fostering an interest in portraiture and history through paint.

At 18, Hue began studying at the School of Visual Arts In New York where he later received a BFA in Illustration. Upon graduating, he began pursuing a career in fine art while working part time as a painter and designer for Louis Vuitton.

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