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Andrew Ryan Robb

Andrew Ryan Robb was born in Norwalk, Connecticut in 1978.  Due to the nature of his father's occupation as a chemical engineer, Andrew and his family moved throughout the United States and abroad every three years of his life while growing up.


Directly experiencing foreign cultures and their unique customs and alternative ways of living during such an impressionable age heavily contributed to and enabled Andrew to cultivate a broad sense of self interpretation, visual and lingual expression, critical thinking and alternative means of communicating and experiencing life.  Such experiences have greatly enriched and influenced his life in many beneficial ways that have promoted and encouraged a greater understanding of cultural art and its relevance to healthy societies and the people that constitute them.


Andrew graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2002 with a BFA and emphasis in studio painting and drawing.  During his final year at The School he was fortunate enough to have been accepted into The Advanced Studio Painting Program, where under the guidance of Frank Piateck, Judith Geichman, Philip Hanson and Ted Halkin, the early frame work and concept of his current body of work started to evolve and take shape.  Since leaving school Andrew has been working diligently in his Chicago South Loop Printers Row studio developing a distinct, powerful and coherent body of work in both paper collage and oil paint that clearly illustrates and defines an increasingly violent, visceral, sexual tension and charge that runs deep within our capitalist driven culture and media empires.

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