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Ever since Keith Allen Smith was a child he loved to draw. His mother recalls him being two-years-old and drawing on walls with crayons. Originally from Los Angeles, Keith [at the age of 5] and his family moved to Iowa. 

Their move to Iowa was due to his parents splitting up. Throughout his childhood his father began sending him letters from a distance. His father would receive pictures of his children and he’d send back a perfect sketch of them. 

This began to inspire Keith to pursue art on a deeper level. At a young age all he wanted to do was draw. When he was 11-years-old he entered a fire prevention poster contest, which he won third.

Keith went on to pursue a higher education and moved to Chicago, where he went on to attend the Illinois Institute of Art to study graphic design. 

"Audacity of Dope"
Acrylic + Spray on Weathered Canvas
50'' x 36''
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